Kruger National Park Safari Tours - South African Holiday

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    Blog posted on : 03-12-2021

    Kruger National Park Safari Tours - South African Holiday

    Kruger National Park is an accurate representation of African wildlife and nature's beauty. If you want to enjoy your holidays in African Safaris, you can stay in the Kruger Park lodges and indulge in everything this beautiful place offers. Kruger Park safari tours is a diverse national park where you can see most of the African wildlife. So, let us look at everything related to Kruger National Park. 

    Witness diverse wildlife in Kruger Park safari tours

    It is one of the largest national parks in Africa. This park is located in the northeastern part of South Africa and stretches over Limpopo and Mpumalanga province. The park's surface area is 19633 km² because several surrounding private reserves owners have removed the fences to allow wildlife to roam freely.  The wildlife is more diverse, with 147 mammals, 507 bird species, 114 reptiles, 336 tree species, and 34 amphibians. 

    Affordable accommodations in Kruger park lodges

    You have plenty of places to stay in many Kruger park lodges at very affordable prices. If you have euros, pounds, and dollars in your pocket and exchange to the local currency, the accommodation costs look very cheap. Many self-serving camps offer staying and food facilities at reasonable prices, which SANParks manage. Also, if you want to enjoy the luxurious accommodation facilities, there are many 5-star safari lodges. There are 21 SANParks and 15 luxury Kruger Park lodges. The private concessions provide guests with authentic accommodation facilities and access to their private properties. 

    Kruger Park safari tours

    Kruger Park is vast and hence where you go depends on what you want to see. If you are more fascinated by birds than animals, remain in the far north in Kruger near Pafuri and Punda Maria.  If you want to watch elephants and tolerate the hot climate conditions, you may visit the northern section around Letaba and Olifants. If you have less time and want to see as much African wildlife, including the big five species, you can stay southern part between Lower Sabie, Pretoriuskop, and Skukuza. If you want to see the big cats and lions and enjoy good excellent viewing, you need to stay in the central part around Satara and Orpen. 

    South Kruger Park 

    • Easily accessible from Nelspruit and Johannesburg. 
    • Excellent lush vegetation, greenery, and the highest concentration of game. 
    • Rich in history and plenty of accommodation choices. 

    Northern Kruger Park

    • less crowded and has fantastic game viewing from the bank of five rivers. 
    • A strong population of birds, hippos, and elephants.
    • Less accommodation option.

    Far North Kruger Park

    • The most beautiful scenic and diverse parts of Kruger. 
    • Beautiful walking trails, outstanding birding, and fewer tourists. 
    • Limited choice of accommodation. 

    Central Kruger Park

    • A substantial population of antelope.
    • Less safari crowd.
    • The highest concentration of hyenas, leopards, lions, and cheetahs.
    • Hotter, humid conditions with most extended gaps between the rest camps. 

    So based on what you need to see and what suits your preference and timings, you can decide where to stay and enjoy your Kruger Park safari tours.