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    Blog posted on : 25-11-2020


    LED downlights are light fixtures that are fitted seamlessly into the ceilings. They help in illuminating the space by shining a ray of light in the direction that it is facing. LED downlights in the UK are quite popular due to their unique and contemporary style. As they can be discreetly integrated into the ceilings, a warm and unique aesthetic is added to the home’s interior design. 


    There are two main types of LED downlights. These include gimbal downlight and fixed downlight. A Gimbal downlight is a light fixture, which can be adjusted and moved in different directions to illuminate a specific space. The installation of a gimbal downlight can enable you to tilt the light in the direction that you desire.  


    On the other hand, fixed downlights are light fixtures that are fitted into the ceilings. The light emitted by fixed downlights is directed straight below the point where it is installed. Fixed downlights are relatively affordable, in contrast to gimbal downlights. 


    While both categories of downlights have their advantages and disadvantages, choosing the right fixture depends solely on the design of your home, the intended purpose of the light, as well as the amount of brightness that you wish to attain. 


     LED gimbal (40°) downlight is ideal for high ceilings 

    Homes with higher ceilings can benefit from a forty-degree gimbal downlight. When the ceilings are higher, the distance between the light source and surface increases. Therefore, with a LED gimbal (40°) downlight, or any downlight with a narrow beam angle, you can observe better illumination. In contrast, if a fixed downlight with a wide beam angle is used, the light is distributed in the air, while leaving the living space dark. 


    Accent lighting Vs. Task Lighting   

    As the name suggests, the purpose of task lighting is to facilitate tasks. The lights installed to fulfil a specific purpose is called task lighting. Conversely, accent lighting refers to the illumination that uses light to bring drama to the room.

    A downlight with a narrow beam angle can implement the former. You can install a fixed downlight right above the area where the task is supposed to be performed. Fixed LED downlights are ideal for kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms.

    However, for accent lighting gimbal downlights can be installed. A gimbal light has titling abilities, which can enable you to create a striking accent to create a focal point.  On the other hand, a fixed downlight may not be as effective for accent lighting, as it cannot be adjusted or tilted once it is installed.  


    Both LED gimbal downlights and fixed downlights offer numerous benefits. You can take the aforementioned points into consideration to pick the right light fixtures for your home.