LINKSYS VELOP AC4600 vlp0203 Setup

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    Blog posted on : 09-07-2020

    LINKSYS VELOP AC4600 vlp0203 Setup

    The Linksys velop ac4600 is a wi-fi router system. The tri-band plus and the dual-band nodes provide you high-speed wifi network. It is used to strengthen the wifi network in homes or offices. Key features that will make your wifi surfing a desire with the auto re-establish function, if one node is disconnected, the others automatically re-connect themselves and establish an internet connection. Mainly all setup is available on but some extra details you can catch with us.
    The sleek modular, dense model with an antenna allows you to cover a wider area within the house.
    A wide wifi range(up to 4000 sq.ft)
    Connectivity support with modems
    Connectivity with mobile devices using Bluetooth.

    Setup Linksys Velop vlp0203 Triband ac4600

    The first thing you need to configure the Velop ac4600 is to download the Linksys application.
    Linksys app - Linksys application provides you to quick and easy setup, set controls, add guest networks, and fix a node automatically. You will have to create a Linksys smart wifi account so that you can use the application to view or modify the settings of your Velop ac4600 wifi system from sitting anywhere in your home or office where you have access to an internet connection.
    You can use the Linksys smart wifi application to:
    * Change the name and password of your Velop ac4600 wifi network.
    * Test the speed of your internet connection.
    * Connect various devices to wifi with WPS.

    Install the Linksys application and follow the given steps below:


    • Click on start.
    • The application will ask you to gather some items like node, ethernet cable, and power cord. Gather them and click on Next. Note: The app-based setup does all the works other than plugging in the power cords and the ethernet cables.
    • The application will show you a message to connect with the modem. Connect the first node with the modem.
    • Place the other nodes with the help of the application.

    You only have to connect one node with the modem or router with wire. The other nodes will be connected with each other wirelessly. For more information about How to Reset the Velop ac4600 then we are available to provide the help. You just need to get connected with us. Thanks for reading this stay healthy stay safe.