Moving With Kids

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    Blog posted on : 28-07-2020

    Moving With Kids

    Moving on its own is a hectic activity. When you add kids to the equation, it gives a whole new meaning to hectic, especially when you decide to handle the packing yourself instead of hiring man and van Company in London that provides packing services for moving house.

    With the kids finding a way to unpack already packed stuff, or getting their toys in the way, depending on the kid’s age, it can be a bit frustrating. What if we told you that you could have a smooth moving even with kids around? Better, you can also have them help you move. There are ways to get these things done, and we have generously shared some tips that can improve your moving experience with kids.

    • Give them packing lessons

      Kids enjoy gaining new knowledge, especially when it is fun. You can use your moving experience to give the child a lesson in packing. Let them know the boxes to use for each item, and how to place the items in the box properly. You can ask them to box things, especially non-breakable things. If you go further to let them make a list of all the items contained in each box, you would have them feeling like interior decorators and master space planners in no time.  
    • They can assist with the decluttering

      Everyone who has to move must pass this stage. You do not want to go to your new home carrying a lot of unwanted stuff that nobody uses. Decluttering will provide extra space in your home, and a spacious room generally gets better air circulation, which you could really use. While you are busy boxing and un-boxing, contacting movers and making arrangements, and decluttering your stuff, you can ask the kids to declutter their stuff. Kids find it interesting to make choices, and this interest will certainly keep them occupied for a while.

      Have them go through their clothes and shoes and possessions and decide the ones that are and are not useful, placing each in separate boxes. They could choose to sell some, give some away, or discard some. This will reduce the amount of work you have to do and make them participate in the moving process.
    • Let them choose their rooms in the new house

      Kids will definitely see a new home as a new adventure. It’s like discovering a new world for them. Get them to make their decision on the particular room they would prefer to own in the new house. Let them choose the colour of paint they want in their room, and also plan the arrangement of the space.

      You would not only be keeping your child occupied, but you would also be giving them a lesson or two in proper planning. For instance, they get to understand where items have to stay and why. Once everything is in place, and the boxes from your former home have arrived, the kids would be delighted to unpack the boxes that belong to them and fit everything in their new position.

      P/S: It’s harder for them to get the room in a mess when they were the ones behind the arrangement.
    • Have a tour

      After the unboxing and room choosing exercise is completed, they certainly would want to see the rest of the building. They can go on a tour around the building, and even help in deciding the new positions of items. They can choose where their bikes and toys get to stay. After the exploring of the building, I bet they would also love to explore the neighbourhood. You do not want to spoil their excitement by denying them a chance to explore their new vicinity. Allow them to familiarise themselves with the environment, and socialise; you could also use some of that yourself.

      Your kids do not have to be among your worries while moving. Contrarily, they can be very useful. They would love the sense of accomplishment that being a part of the moving brings (that would make a very good, ego-fanning topic for their new friends). Also, there are some lessons to be learned during the moving process, allow your kids to be a part of this lesson. Finally, you know you need all the help you can get for this strenuous moving process. You would be amused by how much help they can provide if you let them.

    Moving in with kids is not an easy process, but it does not have to be boring or frustrating. Kids exhibit a level of reluctance when moving because they must have acquainted themselves with friends, neighbours and the environment of their former house. However, you would find out that it is easier for them to accept the new house when they actively involved in the packing, choosing, and unpacking process.