Must Know about the Purpose of Writing Prompts

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    Blog posted on : 27-08-2020

    Must Know about the Purpose of Writing Prompts

    The purpose of a writing prompt is to help students to think about a topic and develop a perspective regarding their writing. A writing prompt is used in creating ideas that are very useful for the writers to begin writing. It also provides clear information or instructions about the essay writing task. Writing prompts are sentences or paragraphs that illustrate an idea or describe a situation.

    Provides opportunity in exercising and challenging the writing skills

    Writing prompts allow for an opportunity in exercising and challenging one’s writing skills. Trying a new outlook and stepping out from the comfort zone can help in not only improving the work but also helps in understanding what are the strengths and weaknesses a writer have. Good writing prompts a great way of exercising your creativity.

    Escape from Writer’s Block

    Prompt writing also helps the writers to escape from writer’s block. It sometimes happens that you want to take a break, getting frustrated from scrambling to focus on one definitive thought. When the mind is not working and is not sure what to write and how to write something, one take writer’s Block help by choosing a prompt to work on. It ultimately creates an idea of starting one’s own creativity and thus, lead to engaging in writing prompt.


    The writer gains experience from prompt writing and it’s amazing what one single thought can do. Having a single thought can lead to having endless possibilities. It automatically continues the flow of ideas and one can easily find that while working on a simple writing prompt, a lot of ideas are progressively affecting the whole idea. It becomes a great source of inspiration while doing the other writing task and the continuity of ideas remains with us. It helps to encounter those ideas that never crossed your mind before. It can be difficult for finding inspiration for stories at some point in time but writing prompts are great places to start.

    Help to write without self-editing

    The writing prompt enables the writer to get writing directions and words turn into a river of thoughts. It prevents over-thinking and one can freely put their thoughts on paper. In addition, it describes the ability to write without self-editing and is proved to be the best way to experiment with new styles and topics. It is important to revise the ideas presented and then editing the grammar, editing, and revising first will not waste time editing the irrelevant sentences. One can learn to write to their viewpoints outside their experiences and by modifying them into something different.

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