Personal Injury Claims Why Most People Under Settle

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    Blog posted on : 02-10-2020

    Personal Injury Claims Why Most People Under Settle

    When you suffer from an injury, which is due to the neglect of a third party, making a personal injury claim feels like the right move. A personal injury claim, if successful, returns you with a compensation amount that substitutes for your medical bills.


    With that said, personal injury claims cover much more than just your medical payments. In fact, an experienced solicitor ensures that you are provided with a settlement for the physical and mental trauma, as well as for the loss of income and other related expenses, which are a direct outcome of the injury.


    Most individuals who are unaware of the process can often miss out on receiving the maximum amount of settlement that they are due. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the common mistakes that people make, as well as to avoid them.

    Can you reopen a personal injury case after receiving the settlement?

    The settlement money returned with personal injury claims is the last and final step of any claim. Once the case is settled, it cannot be reopened at a later date. Taking this into consideration, it is imperative to select a personal injury solicitor with years of experience in the industry. An experienced solicitor can guide you through the process, and make sure that you are returned with the maximum amount for compensation.

    Why do people under settle?

    Before understanding the ways to avoid under settling, it is essential to gauge an understanding of why people under settle. Here are a few reasons why people under settle.


    • Choosing an overburdened firm

    A number of firms that handle personal injury claims carry out high volume work, which means that one solicitor is appointed the task of managing multiple cases. In this scenario, your case is not prioritised, which leads to an underwhelming settlement amount. Therefore, it is imperative to hold an initial consultation session with the firm to ensure that they are the right choice for you.

    • Pressure leading to early acceptance

    One of the most common reasons for under settling is the pressure made by the solicitor to settle. When individuals are not well-informed about the potential of their case, they can end up losing their well-deserved money. Taking this into account, it is crucial to trust your gut and avoid settling for less than what you are owed.

    • Following inadequate advice

    Selecting the right solicitor is a cardinal component of submitting a personal injury claim. If you select the wrong individual for the job, they can misguide you. However, you end up suffering the consequences of their errors. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a consultation session to certify their competence for the job. You can prepare a list of questions to gauge the solicitor’s experience in the industry. If the solicitor is experienced, they can proficiently guide you from the first meeting.

    • Lack of transparency with the solicitor

    When you hire a solicitor to represent you, it is essential to have complete transparency throughout the professional relationship. Even if you do not understand the legal jargon, it is important to stay up to date with the case and ask the solicitor to explain each element in detail. The lack of transparency, as well as the client’s lack of awareness, can result in under settling.

    • Fear of losing a chunk of money

    Hiring a solicitor that charges by the hour can be extremely heavy on the wallet. The fear of losing additional money in legal fees can compel some individuals to settle early. As a result, they miss out on receiving the full settlement amount. Considering this, it is essential to hire a solicitor that offers a No Win No Fee Scotlandpolicy. This policy, also known as The Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), encourages you to pay the solicitor, only in the case your claim is successful. This way, you can pursue the case as long as possible, as it can relieve you from any additional financial responsibility.

    • Undervaluing the risks of an injury

    Another common reason for under settling is underestimating the total impact of the injury. Often, cases that are resolved too quickly fail to acknowledge the side-effects that arise at a later date. For instance, if a car accident results in a few broken ribs, an early settlement would only provide compensation for that. However, if you start showing symptoms for a concussion or a head injury a year later, you would have to pay for the treatment out of your own pocket.

    What can you do?


    Taking the aforementioned into consideration, it is essential to hire a professional, experienced and dependable personal injury solicitor. A professional solicitor can guide you throughout the process, prioritise your case, and make sure that you remain informed at every stage. If you are looking for dependable legal services, visit Hamilton Douglas Legal.