Prescription Medication American vs Canadian

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    Blog posted on : 27-08-2020

    Prescription Medication American vs Canadian

    For centuries now, the United States and Canada have enjoyed a relationship of friendly rivalry. This rivalry covers everything from politics and international conflicts to sports and television.

    However, one major difference between the two countries is how they approve and regulate prescription drugs, and how these drugs are distributed.

    American Medication vs. Canadian Medication

    Did you know that buying medication from Toronto can cost you up to 55% less compared to what you would pay for the identical drug in New York?

    Many big pharmaceutical companies will tell you that the high prices are necessary in order to perform the expensive research that’s required to consistently maintain the high quality of these drugs. 

    The important question to ask ourselves is: is this justification valid?

    The answer: Not necessarily.

    The truth is that not only can the drugs sold in America be drastically more expensive than those in Canada (and the rest of the world), but the quality of the drugs produced in America may not even be more high quality than Canadian drugs, either.

    Often times, the drugs that are sold in Canada and the United States come from the same manufacturer or have the same active ingredients. Really, they’re often the exact same drug, but for a fraction of the price (not even counting the exchange rate). This means that drugs you buy from Canada will be just as effective for you as if you bought them from your local pharmacy, you’ll just have more money in your wallet if you buy them from Canada.

    If Canadian drugs are just as effective as American drugs, why do they cost less?

    The biggest reason that American drug prices are higher than Canada and the rest of the world is because the American government allows pharmaceutical companies to set their own prices for their drugs. In Canada, the government regulates the prices of prescription drugs to make sure that prices never go beyond what their citizens can afford.

    If you’ve ever heard the news of companies raising drug prices to astronomical heights for their customers, chances are high that it involves an American company.

    Unfortunately, high prescription drug prices are a fact of life for many American citizens. Some may even have to choose between food, shelter, or medication that their life depends on.

    According to one survey, 14% of Americans have admitted skipping medications and not filling prescriptions because it was too expensive and they couldn’t afford it.

    Affording Prescription Drugs in the U.S

    Healthcare and medical bills are some of the most expensive costs for American citizens. The high price of prescription drugs can make affording the medication that your life depends on a constant struggle. These troubles are only compounded for people with children, large families, living with a disability, and for the elderly. Those facing the ever-increasing prices of drugs with a fixed budget are finding it harder and harder to survive.

    Fortunately, it may be possible to order the drugs that you need from a Canadian pharmacy that can offer you the exact same high-quality drug, for a fraction of the price than your local pharmacy.

    Since the prices of necessary prescription medication are so high in America, a good choice is to order the medications you need from a Canadian Pharmacy. They are currently the best alternative to deal with these high drug prices in the United States.

    Since Canada is right next to the U.S., you also save time and money on shipping and delivery. Due to the lower drug prices in Canada, and the lower exchange rate if buying from the US, it’s not uncommon to save upwards of 50% on the cost of medication when ordering. These can add up to hundreds of dollars per month, and thousands of dollars per year!

    However, there are some things to keep in mind before placing your order. Normally, you can only order a 3-month supply of medications for yourself, so just keep that in mind before placing your order. And remember to order in advance if you’re in need of a refill.

    Also, even though there are many legitimate and trustworthy online pharmacies, there are also a lot of fake online pharmacies out there; it can be very dangerous to buy from these websites.

    The Canadian Pharmacy Association runs a site that allows you to compare prices of different medications amongst various online pharmacies. All of the sites that appear here have already been confirmed as legitimate. So if you’re looking for a reputable Canadian online pharmacy that may be a great place to start. Surf through this website and find the best Canadian pharmacy that suits your needs.

    With a little bit of due diligence and research, you could be well on your way to saving yourself thousands of dollars a year on your prescription medication. This means more money in your wallet and more of doing the things you want to do in life!

    Have any questions regarding Canadian online pharmacies, your medications, and if choosing a Canadian online pharmacy is right for you? Ask to speak to a pharmacist! Any legitimate online Canadian pharmacy will have properly trained staff available to answer any questions or concerns. So you can start taking back your health-independence today!