Reasons to buy stretch denims

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    Blog posted on : 31-08-2020

    Reasons to buy stretch denims

    Many people are very much familiar with normal denims. It is a kind of a cotton textile which is mostly used for manufacturing pair of jeans and some other pieces f clothing as well. It is said to be a very sturdy fabric and they possess some very high strength. 

    One can buy the best quality from the denim fabric manufacturers in India and can use them for a long time. Previously this fabric was mainly used to be worn for lower category of people like mostly labourers and those who worked in industries or mines. But for past many years this has become the most fashionable fabric to be worn and rich and middle class people both loves wearing jeans.

    This is said to be 100 percent cotton material and they can give a wonderful look and finish to the clothes. There are varieties of denims that are available in the market these days. Most of them actually vary from one another because of their qualities and some also come with the other fabrics mixed in it. There is a popular type of denim which is also called as the stretch denim in the market.

    Stretch denims are the ones which are a but different from the normal denims and they are also not made of pure cotton. They can also be mixed with spandex sometimes. The composition of this fabric particularly is 98 percent cotton and the left 2percent spandex which adds the stretchable quality there. This particular fabric is very much preferred by a lot of people because of a few reasons:

    Stretch ability

    Because of the addition of spandex in the cotton there is a stretch factor added to the denim. Pure denim fabric is mostly used for shirt and jackets but when jeans are made, both manufacturers and consumers prefer this because they can be stretchable and hence comfortable.

    Comfort Level

    Stretch denims are hands down more comfortable when it comes to jeans and other bottom wears. This can help the body to move freely. When one wears something in pure denim then sometimes it can lead to difficulties in movements like bending, sitting or running because they do not have the ability to expand much.


    This is the best thing about this fabric. Those who love wearing jeans know how well fitted they can be along with being comfortable. Dresses and other garments made from stretch denims are more fitted and hence they always give a better look to the wearer. It can closely fit to the body and so it also looks great and fashionable when worn.

    Pocket Friendly

    Yes, this true. If one tries stretch denims or denim Lycra fabrics then they are definitely easy on the pockets. As they are durable and last for years, they can also save a lot of money as well.

    These are the major reasons of choosing this fabric and both manufacturers and consumers know why they are so much popular in the market among every age of people.