Run Faces Emoticons Collection

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    Blog posted on : 23-02-2021

    Run Faces Emoticons Collection (also known as crime face) is the source of the hanzi character in Unicode. The word is a play on the acronym of "laughing out loud" (or "a lot") and " crying out loud."

    An emoticon or emoticon (from the internet slang, also called "smileys") is a facial expression pictorial characters used to express the text in electronic communication. The term originally comes from a combination of English words "emotion" and "- icon".

    Use of Funny Running Faces

    There is another use for the Funny Running Faces which is related to social sites. If you are surfing a social site and would like some feedback from the other users, you can add a smiley face to your comments. It will make users more interested in your comments. It works! Be careful though on sites where there are minors as this behaviour could be considered illegal.

    Origin of Lenny Face

    The origin of this face is unknown.

    Some people say that it is from the character of Mr. Lenny in the cartoon The Simpsons.  But, the face of Mr. Lenny is ・(^ ^). Therefore, other than that, other explanations will also be made about its origin.

    Its meaning and usage are different depending on the position of the mouth and eyebrows.

    What are emoticons

    Emoticons are the little pictures people use when talking via IM or SMS on their mobile phones. People use them to express moods or feelings in a written conversation instead of describing them in text.

    We have all used Funny Running Faces at some time or another. Why you should use Using Lenny Faces Instead of Emojis? They're actually quite popular and I even have a few in my list of MSN emoticons. However, there's always room for more and that's where this collection comes in.

    The emoticons are a text graphic (smiley) which stand for a particular state of mind or emotion. Know How Emoticons Influence Emotional Communication and they can be found in email, chat rooms, and in social networks.