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    Blog posted on : 07-09-2020


    It is important to get advice from your physician before starting any kind of exercise. It is not like that you have to go for a whole body checkup, but at least you have to go for a pulse and blood pressure checkup, and get confirmed that you are fit to do exercises. You have to make an exercise plan, and the plan should contain all the sufficient exercises. 


    There are several things that can be done to lose weight. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should focus on your diet as well. There is no way that you will be able to lose weight without following a proper diet. It is really important that you do follow a proper diet if you want to lose weight.



    As I said before that your diet plays an important role for your weight loss. If you are consuming foods that contain processed meat, extra salt, and sugar then you will have to do a lot of hard work before you start noticing any results. This is why you should be focused on consuming low-carb foods like collagen peptides and bone broth. 

    To lose weight you should also avoid staying up late at night, and overeating. These are some of the other factors that can lead you to obesity and this is why you should be avoiding them in order to lose weight in a proper way. 


    The below mentioned are some of the common exercises.



    Walking is the most common and easiest exercise to do without any equipment and space. You can go for walking anytime anywhere and it is totally free, you don’t have to get admitted and pay any subscription. Walking is the best exercise for the whole body. It is better to go for just a 15 minutes walk in the morning and evening. While walking you have to follow the rules like, walk with confidence, swing your arms well, don’t even miss a day, and walk longer and faster, while walking try to climb one or two slopes.



    Swimming is the best exercise for the persons who are overweight, and compared to walking, swimming will be very effective. It is easy like walking and you can start this gradually in a pool without missing a day for just 20 minutes. It is better to develop your span of swim, and improve your work velocity while in the pool. To get a better result it is better to swim for at least 30 minutes a day.



    Apart from this there are many aerobic fitness centers to offer you a suitable exercise from level to level. If you are not able to go to a fitness center due to some problems, it is better to organize a fitness center at the home itself. There are some more exercises with simple and stretch plans.



    This is also a simple exercise like running, but you can get moving by dancing for your favorite music. It is also advised that you should swing your arms and get relaxed, it is most important that while doing this workout your whole body should get involved.



    As you build up your momentum and stamina, the end goal should be to do intense workout. It can be done through aerobics, weight training, swimming, or running. So, keep in mind that your end goal is to increase the intensity of your workout. No matter how you do it. To get a good amount of energy you have to follow a proper diet and consume energy-rich foods. Most foods that are rich in protein can help in producing enough energy. Hydrolyzed collagen, mackerel fish, and nuts are good in this case. 



    It is important that there is a limit for everything; like that there are limitations to do the exercises. Never exceed your limit while exercise. You should exercise with dedication, and should not do exercise for just time pass; exercise is mainly to improve your stamina and your health. So be serious about your workouts. Do your exercise frequently with fewer spans, and increase gradually as per your capacity. It is better to avoid over exercise.