The Early Warning Signs Of A Main Sewer Line Blockage

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    Blog posted on : 07-04-2021

    The Early Warning Signs Of A Main Sewer Line Blockage

    The sewer line is like the backbone of the plumbing system. A blockage in the main sewer line can take up place gradually, which makes it easy to miss. We stress upon noticing these subtle signs because if it comes to the point of total blockage, it'll get difficult. Replacing a damaged pipe will leave you with a hefty bill. Detect these indicators at the earliest and consult a professional. Wichita plumbers are experts when it comes to solving plumbing problems. Here are a few signs that you should especially look for.


    Things to keep in mind for main sewer line blockage



    Slow drainage in sinks


    A blockage in the sewer line can cause the water in the sinks or toilets to drain out slowly. This leads to a chain of problems like a backup in the sinks or an overflow. You might even hear gurgling noises while you flush. Roots of the trees are one of the major reasons for such blockages. You need to be extra careful if you use a relatively old sewer system, generally made of concrete or clay. Look out for clogs and contact sewer line cleaning Wichita KS in case you notice a problem.


    Plunger becomes your companion


    If you notice that there’s a constant need for plunging in the toilets, then we think it could be a bigger problem. A blockage in the sewer system can cause more than usual clogging. You might have the same experience with your kitchen sinks as well. If you notice slow drainage issues in multiple sinks, then know that it's time to consult an expert. Call the plumbing services Wichita KS for an early solution to the problem.


    Overflow in the sewer cleanout


    You’ve to carefully observe the exterior of the house as well to detect any early signs of sewer blockage. Keep your eyes wide open while looking up for any indications in the basement where the sewer cleanout generally is. If you notice any overflow or leakage, contact Wichita plumbers without any further delay. Early detection will save you from a lot of trouble and expense.


    Backup in the drains of floor


    A blockage in the main sewer line can prevent the dirty water from flowing out of the house through floor drains. You can mostly notice these in the lower region of your home. To be specific, drains in the basements or even laundry room in some houses are frequent victims. Keep an eye on such sewer backups as they directly imply to blockage. Consult plumbing services Wichita KS for professional help.


    Multiple sewer backup


    Backup problems in almost every sink of the house cannot be a coincidence. Blockage in the main sewer line is the only rational explanation for your drainage issues. It can cause the sinks to clog, which might result in the overflow of dirty water. Such sewer backups can make your house unhygienic, and we're sure you won't prefer that. Reach out to sewer line cleaning Wichita KS for expert solutions to your plumbing issues.


    Choose professional assistance


    There are certain things where help from the experts in that field is required. If you detect a sewer line blockage in your house, then don't delay by trying to fix it by yourself. Various electrical types of equipment are required to fix the blockage permanently. A professional team is needed to solve your plumbing problems in the best way possible.




    It’s difficult to stay away from a total blockage problem with a house full of leaky taps and clogged drains. Avoid heavy expenditure and contact Wichita plumbers if you notice any of the above signs.