The Positive Impacts Of Mobile Phones On Students

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    Blog posted on : 10-06-2021

    The Positive Impacts Of Mobile Phones On Students

    Unfortunately, even in 2021, the words “students” and “mobile phones” in one sentence raises immediate concerns, and it becomes impossible to argue the obvious benefits that mobile devices have on students with their parents/caretakers around the world. Having said that, this article attempts to flirt with the idea of convincing the pre-millennial society aka; The Silent Generation: Born 1928-1945 (73-90 years old), Baby Boomers: Born 1946-1964 (54-72 years old), and mainly Generation X: Born 1965-1980 (38-53 years old) that we are now living in a time in which it has become literally impossible for a student to function without the accessibility of mobile device at all times. So, let’s break it down and outline the most obvious advantages a student experiences while having a mobile phone with them at their place of study/learning.

    Better Communication

    When you consider how cell phones have enhanced our lives, the first thing that comes to mind is enhanced global communications. Students now effortlessly communicate and engage with their family, friends, and professors on a real-time basis. Mobile phones like the Oale x2 allow students to avail all of the top communication applications that are currently trending like Zoom, Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.  


    After a hectic day of lectures, research and studying, instead of going out with friends, watching movies at the cinema, mobile phones offer students the most economical form of entertainment at the comfort of staying indoors. For instance, the Oale CC1 mobile price in Pakistan is only PKR 8,500 with great specifications that offer countless entertainment options for users such as top trending games, movies and tv series and YouTube etc.

    Academic Help

    One of the most important benefits of smartphones for youngsters is the ability to obtain immediate assistance with their academics. On their mobile phones, students may simply search for whatever information they want for any topic. Smartphones nowadays come with the most up-to-date operating systems, which frequently feature instructional apps. Furthermore, all students need is a fast Google search to find the information they need to help them with their academics instantly.

    Overall Convenience

    It's amazing how much smartphones have altered society, particularly in terms of convenience. There is no denying that students benefit from the greater convenience that smartphones provide. With just a few clicks, students may contact their friends, parents, and teachers, order meals, hunt for part-time employment, book cabs, and do so much more. They will save time as a result of this. Instead of spending time going through a library's numerous volumes to obtain the information they need, students may use their mobile phones to access a wealth of academic resources straight from their rooms.


    Increased personal security is the most significant benefit of mobile phones in daily life. Many parents assume that having a mobile phone ensures their children's safety since they can contact 911 or them in an emergency. While students may not think of their mobile phone as a security device, it is exactly what they would use if they needed help. This is often regarded as the most significant benefit that this technology has to offer. Aside from that, synchronising accounts allow parents to keep track of their children's whereabouts.

    Improvement in Memory

    For students, mobile phones can also serve as a memory aid. It is nearly impossible to take notes on everything that happens during a class. As a result, pupils may take advantage of their phones. They can record a science experiment for future reference, capture photos of figures or diagrams provided by their professors, and voice record the explanation of a hard topic.

    Become more Organized

    Keep Notes, stopwatch, calendar, encyclopaedia, alarms, recorder, Google Maps, Google Drive, Office, and other tools can aid pupils with their organising abilities. To stay on top of their studies, students may take notes, share and receive essential papers, use an encyclopaedia or dictionary, record lectures, and much more.

    Productive Group Projects

    This implies that even if someone is unable to physically join the group discussion, they may still participate electronically. Video calling services are available in applications such as WhatsApp and others, allowing students to communicate with one another. Apart from that, mobile phones make it simple to view and transmit papers and presentations to one another. It also allows them to collaborate on a document online and edit and make changes live.

    Better Time Management

    One of the most important effects of smartphones on students is that it helps them manage their time better. It enables students to keep track of their time, arrive on time for class, and manage their assigned duties properly. Mobile phones provide a clock, calendar, and alarm functionality that allows users to create reminders for significant dates such as assignment deadlines, class assessments, group discussions, and more. Students may keep on top of their academic pursuits and enhance other parts of their lives by using a mobile phone and appropriate time management.