The Wonder and Beauty of Historic Inspired French-Style

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    Blog posted on : 22-01-2021

    The Wonder and Beauty of Historic Inspired French-Style

    Oh, to be a French noblewoman of the 18th century! To have countless attendants on staff simply to help fix your hair, with an elegant armoire all but bursting with the finest silks in soft Robin’s Egg blues and intricate, airy patterns. The grace, the beauty, the style!

    These days things are much simpler, with minimalist styles and simplified fashions replacing those gorgeous and intricate looks from just a few centuries ago. But not all is lost! You may not be decreeing ‘Let them eat cake!’ in your day to day business meetings, but coming home to settle down in 18th-century French style bedroom furniture from EloquenceⓇ will certainly make you feel like a queen!

    EloquenceⓇ is known for its lovingly hand made and hand finished reproductions of classic and historic furniture styles, including the airy yet intricate baroque and French rococo stylings that Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette herself were surrounded by on a day to day basis.

    The most fashionable queen of France has been an inspiration to fashion and furniture designers for centuries, but few other than EloquenceⓇ have ever been able to capture that perfect balance of breathtaking, airy beauty, and true comfort worthy of royalty. Their unmatched attention to detail in all things, from the delicate curves in their hand-carved wooden furniture, to their endless dedication to matching historic designs and carefully inspecting all their products is what sets EloquenceⓇ so far beyond the rest, and truly earns them their name.

    True enthusiasts of French style bedroom furniture and historic French styles have seen countless reproductions in their time, yet none have ever been as true to form and authentic in appearance as EloquenceⓇ designs. They do their research, examine authentic pieces from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, and expertly recreate that breathtaking style in sturdy and reliable furniture pieces that can be passed on for centuries, just as the pieces they are inspired from. These painstakingly built hardwood furniture pieces are timeless in their beauty even as they call back to more enchanting times and the wonder of the beautiful French countryside.

    What’s more, the devotion the EloquenceⓇ team has for all their designs doesn’t end at the workshop door. Customer service is prioritized here, so if you need assistance with finding a particular piece of furniture or if you have any other questions, they are happy to assist you.

    From the very moment you sit down to order any of their French style bedroom furniture reproductions, EloquenceⓇ will help pair you with your very own personal attendant, much like the attendants who aided Marie Antoinette in dressing and styling her grand hairstyles each morning. But, instead of focusing on fashion, you and your dedicated Account Representative will be working to ensure you get exactly the sort of handmade and hand-finished French style furniture you’ve been dreaming of.

    Be it a curved frame queen mattress, a sun-worn dresser with hand-carved Fleur de Lis detailing on every drawer, or an amazingly soft and soothing lounging chaise for reading and relaxation, your personal EloquenceⓇ Account Representative will help you pick out the unique piece you’ve been dreaming of ever since you were a child.