The cell therapy manufacturing market

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    Blog posted on : 07-04-2021

    The cell therapy manufacturing market


    Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on Cell Therapy Manufacturing Market (3rd Edition), 2019 - 2030”, covering various important aspects of the industry and identifying key future growth opportunities.


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    Key Market Insights

    • More than 100 industry players and over 60 non-industry players currently claim to manufacture different types of cell therapies, either for in-house requirements or on contract basis
    • The market is fragmented, featuring both established players and new entrants, which claim to operate at various scales and manufacture a diverse range of cell therapies
    • In order to cater to the growing needs of clients / sponsors, companies have established presence across different regions; presently, the US, the UK and China are the key hubs for cell therapy manufacturing
    • In recent years, a significant increase in partnership activity has been observed in this domain; in fact, therapy developers have already inked manufacturing deals with both indigenous and international experts
    • In order to enhance core competencies related to the domain, both drug developers and CMOs are actively investing in expanding their existing infrastructure and capabilities
    • Cell therapy manufacturers are also gradually opting to automate various operations in the supply chain; the primary objective is to achieve favorable bench-to-clinic timelines and cut down on production related losses
    • Currently, the installed global capacity for cell therapy manufacturing is estimated to be spread across 2+ million square feet of dedicated cleanroom area distributed across various scales of operation
    • More than 70,000 patients were estimated to have been enrolled in cell therapy related clinical trials; the demand for cell therapies is anticipated to grow significantly over the next decade
    • Revenues from manufacturing operations of T-cell therapies are anticipated to capture higher market share; the benefit will be realized by both autologous and allogeneic therapies across different regions the world
    • Clinical scale manufacturing operations are likely to drive the future market size, taking into consideration both in-house and contract service requirements


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