Tips For A Perfect Dubai Desert Safari Experience

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    Blog posted on : 03-04-2021

    Tips For A Perfect Dubai Desert Safari Experience

    Dubai is a city of achievements. Not far from its glitzy neighborhood, sky-piercing buildings, exquisite restaurants, and indoor ski mountains, you would land in a world of Bedouins. The desert safari Dubai gives you a peek into the pre-historic lifestyle; before those tall structures were constructed and nomads traveled by camels. You can still find camels crisscrossing the desert making it look like an ancient movie scene. Visitors get to bash the dunes in 4*4 SUV, skate the dunes on board, and ride the ATV. Here, the camps are set in beautiful light, belly dancers are tapping their legs to the music, and a delicious buffet is arranged. From sun gazing to camel riding, the desert safari is an excursion that is on everyone’s bucket list.

    Before you venture out to one of the top things to do in Dubai, here is a quick checklist of the travel package from Truehab India, it will help you make unforgettable travel memories:

    • Research before you book the tour

    The first thing about an entertaining desert safari is to research, browse, and select the right package. You may like floating above the sand in a hot air balloon or sleep under the starlit sky. There are wide-ranging options of Dubai desert safari you can find across the internet that will suit your mood, interest, budget, and timing. While the morning desert safari is a 2-hour tour filled with adventure, the evening safari is a 6-hour excursion that blends adventure and culture. Go, go ahead and choose what fits your bill.

    • Wear comfortable clothes and open shoes

    Be it straddling the camels, skating the board, taking pictures, or sitting in the camp in cold evenings — to taste the Arabian entertainment effortlessly you need to put on comfortable, loose-fitting, and cotton clothes. Prefer clothes that are neutral, breathable, and adjustable for both hot, cold temperatures and plenty of dust and sun. For example, try t-shirts, tank tops, jumpsuits, skirts, trousers, capri pants, and open shoes like sandals, flip-flops. Do not wear biker shorts, tight tops or jeans, heels, or a lot of jewelry.

    • Protect yourself from the sun

    In this expansive desert, there is no place you can escape the sun. So, if you don’t want yourself baked, use sunblock or sunscreen. Get sunglasses and a hat for better protection and enjoy your tour of the Dubai desert safari for a memorable experience.

    • Evenings are cold

    As the sun sets, the temperature drops, making the evening cold. Jackets become your best friend to shield from the nip in the air. So, bring a light jacket, sweater, scarf, or shawl to make yourself warm.

    • Listen carefully to instructors

    In the series of wild adventures, there will be several activities that you are new to try. Before the 45-minute dune bashing, the driver will give you a few instructions that you must hear and abide by. Later, you will participate in other adventures where you must listen to your instructors carefully as it ensures both safety and fun.

    • Pack light

    Tugging a heavy bag in the desert safari of Dubai is not a very pleasant experience. You won’t be able to have maximum fun in adventurous and thrilling activities. Carry only the essential items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, or scarf. Take a bottle of water and wet tissues.

    • Take medicines along

    If you are prone to motion sickness or illness, get medicines in your medical kit. If you are someone who feels dizzy in a vehicle even on a straight road, then don’t hesitate to tell the safari service that you’d like to skip the roller-coaster dune bashing.

    • Don’t forget the camera

    The sunsets and sunrise in the Dubai desert are unparalleled. You would regret it the most if you don’t carry a camera. You can click the most Instagrammable pictures on this golden sand. The desert gives you the most wonderful shades, the sunset view creates magic, and overall it looks truly breathtaking.

    • Try souvenir shopping

    Bring some cash in case you like the souvenirs in the shops around the campsite. These might be pretty expensive but are good to take back home memories of your Dubai Desert Safari tour.

    • Hydrate, make new friends and stay overnight

    In all likelihood, the body would need water at frequent intervals. So, keep yourself hydrated enough. There are a lot of people, animals, and birds that you can make friends with for more exposure. And in case you don’t want to leave so soon, extend the evening safari by staying in the tents under the star-studded sky.