Tips to clear the SBI clerk examination

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    Blog posted on : 14-10-2020

    Tips to clear the SBI clerk examination

    SBI clerk is a sought after career option. However to secure a seat in this, you need to clear the SBI clerk examination. The SBI Clerk Syllabus is vast and to cover all of it, here are some tips that you should follow.

    Here are some important strategies and tips that can let you clear the SBI clerk prelim examination. The SBI Clerk Salary is lucrative so it does pay to prepare well and score high in the exam to increase your chances to clear the preliminary and main examination.

    Revise your topics wisely

    Every topic in the SBI clerk examination has a different weightage. There are different topics in each section from where questions have been asked in the past. Candidates must prepare these questions well as well as practice the questions on every topic.

    Start by going through the topic wise syllabus of the SBI clerk examination. Now that you have the complete syllabus in hand you should be able to identify those topics that carry the maximum weightage. This is particularly useful at the last minute. Concentrating on topics that carry higher weightage increases their chances to crack the examination.

    You can refer to the previous year’s SBI clerk examination to analyze which topics carried the maximum weightage.

    Video tutorials are helpful

    Many online SBI clerical examination preparation sites offer video tutorials that summarize the entire SBI clerk syllabus for you. These videos cover important topics and solve your doubts. Be its logical reasoning, numerical ability, or English language you will find the links of the syllabus easily.

    This is a quick way to revise and you can get through with the topics to clear the SBI clerical exam. 

    Be thorough with the test pattern

    The preliminary SBI clerical examination is an objective test. This is a 100 marks test that is conducted online. The test duration is for an hour and there are 3 sections in it. These are English, math, and numerical ability. The candidate will have to attempt one section and cannot jump to the next section until the time is prescribed. There was no sectional cut off in the last exam. The deadline could change so be aware of the pattern and ensure that you have a proper strategy to optimize your time well.


    Do attempt the mock question papers     

    Mock questions are important and should be attempted. Try to attempt as many as you can before the exam. The more you attempt the more will be their command on the subject. It will also let you manage your time well.

    You will also be able to analyze your weak points when you attempt the mock papers. You can start with a few in the earlier stages of preparation. However, close to the examination date make sure to attempt several mock tests every week. Just a week before the exam make sure to attempt at least one mock paper each day.


    Avoid guesswork

    When attempting the SBI clerk examination you need to know that there is a negative mark for every wrong answer attempted. Guesswork is fine if you are getting confused between two options. However, it is not recommended if you are overdoing it. Candidates need to be very careful when attempting this paper to avoid negative marks.


    Do not waste a lot of time on a single question

    If you find yourself getting stuck on a particular question then go ahead. Do not brainstorm on it a lot. If you cannot find the solution in a minute then it pays to skip it and proceed to the next question. If you have time left then you can always come back to the unattempted questions.

    What is the SBI clerk examination all about?

    SBI conducts the SBI clerk prelim and main examination where thousands of candidates appear to fill in a few seats. The competition level is very high and it takes a lot of preparation, planning, and strategy to clear this exam and come out with flying colours.

    We hope the tips mentioned above answers all your questions regarding how to prepare for the SBI clerical exam.