Top 5 Beard Tools Every Man Should Own

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    Blog posted on : 04-01-2021

    Top 5 Beard Tools Every Man Should Own

    Beards have been in trend for a long time, though it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that many people started appreciating a well-groomed bearded look. Growing a beard for the sake of it, without adequate maintenance and conditioning, will not only make you look shabby but also affect your dressing style and haircut. It is essential to ensure your beard is in proper shape and length, instead of just letting it grow like a wild bush. Growing a beard is easy but maintaining it isn’t. However, having the right tools and with some trial and error, most beardos will get there. 


    So we’ve curated a list of five beard tools and essentials every beardo must possess to make those whiskers look sharp and neat. From trimmers to beard balms, you can find a wide range of products related to beard grooming and skincare available on the market.  Here is what you need to know about them. 


    1. Beard oil

    Beard oil has to be first on the list, especially since many premium men’s essential brands are jumping on the bandwagon, offering some top-notch varieties. People assume that beard oils are only for novice beardos starting to grow a beard or help with the growth process. However, that’s not true; most beard oils comprise essential oils that provide nutrition to your wild whiskers and maintain their health. For instance, jojoba oil reduces any breakage and promotes hair growth along with moisturizing it. Beard oil serves many purposes like locking moisture, relaxing the beard, etc. The best part about beard oil is it also helps in styling your beard by taming the wild whiskers.


    2. Beard comb

    It’s about time you ditch the hair comb to style your beard and mustache hair. Regular combs do not have a wide-tooth and can get tangled in the beard, which results in pulling the hair. Beard comb is a must-have beard tool that helps you in many ways by restricting any ingrown hair and evade unwanted hair near the mouth area. A good beard comb also helps redistribute any beard products such as oil and balm evenly to all hair, from roots to tips, while taming them in a particular direction. A plastic or wood beard comb is easy to use, clean, and sanitize with no maintenance issues. Beard combs come in different shapes and sizes, so find the perfect one that suits your beard.



    3. Beard balm

    Here’s another beard essential for every beardo with a medium and long beard. Only people with long beards know the difficulty of styling and maintaining it throughout the day. Beard balms function similar to beard oil but have a different texture and go the extra mile of holding your beard the way you style it. Beard butter or beard balm has a creamy texture and helps you immensely in styling your beard. Use beard balm as the last step of styling after applying beard oil and combing the beard. They are leave-in conditioners for your beard that moisturizes, styles, and also softens the facial hair. Beeswax is one of the primary constituents of beard balms that offers several benefits to hair and beard. Plus, beard balms with fragrance get brownie points for making your beard smell divine.


    4. Beard trimmer/ Clippers

    It does not make sense to grow a beard if you don’t own a beard trimmer/ clippers. You don’t need a professional beard trimmer to keep your beard in shape. A regular all-in-one beard trimmer with different guard sizes will do the job. If you are in the starting phase of growing a beard, you won’t need to buy a trimmer until your beard reaches a certain level where it needs some trimming. The clippers help you trim and style your beard to desired lengths. It’s essential to keep all the beard hair at an even level, and the clippers help you with that. You can keep getting rid of the awkward neckbeard and trim your sideburns efficiently at the comfort of your home with the help of trimmers.




    5. Beard wash/ shampoo

    We’ve covered the conditioning, styling, and trimming part of the beard care regime so far. Here’s a beard tool that covers the essential step in taking care of your beard, i.e., cleansing. Your beard accumulates dirt, food, etc., over time, which may lead to the growth of bacteria and damage the beard and the skin underneath it. Therefore, it is essential to regularly cleanse your beard using a product made for that purpose instead of regular shampoo or soap. Many people either use hair shampoo or face wash to cleanse their beard, which might not be a great idea. Regular hair shampoos comprise harsh chemicals that can strip off the natural oils from your beard, making it brittle and dry, causing split ends. A beard wash can help seal in the moisture to keep your beard strong and healthy. 



    Final Thoughts

    That sums up the list of five essential beard tools that every man needs. Having the right tools alone will not help you achieve a fantastic beard, but adequate maintenance and trimming will. Believe it or not, your lifestyle also has a direct impact on your beard health, so consider eating healthy protein-rich foods. Keep your skin clean and moisturize it regularly to provide a healthy base for the beard to grow.