Top Five Tips to Boost Your Career in Investment Banking

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    Blog posted on : 29-10-2020

    Top Five Tips to Boost Your Career in Investment Banking

    A career as an investment banker is one of the job roles that has everything in it, an interesting career, lucrative income, great reputation, and strength.

    If you’re looking for a sky-high and quick reward, then perhaps starting a career in the investment banking (IB) firm is a great choice.

    An investment banking professional has it all: fame, recognition, money, and respect. But before you take a plunge, below are some of the tips that will eventually boost your profile in the IB industry.

    1. Perseverance and persuasion

    The recruitment process is definitely not a cakewalk. The challenges out there are tough while you find multiple people wanting the same thing. Some policies have been designed to avoid the club-like feel, however, in the end, you tend to abide by the rules during the whole process. Although the process may feel contrived and exhausting, you will only realize the purpose once you’re working as an IB professional.

    1. Offers instant credibility

    Back-to-back 100 hours’ week, canceled vacations, and lost weekends will eventually get paid. Most professionals won the badge of honor, and why not, even you deserve a little bit of appreciation don’t you?

    Employers look for the skills of an investment banker in you. And when they see your potential at work, it gives them thrill and excitement, knowing the fact that they’ve made the right hire. Such skills send a stereotypical positive vibe across the jobs market but never seen in the actual market.

    1. Investment banking is a “sales” job

    What strikes a person’s mind when we talk about the investment banker’s roles and responsibilities? Most often, you will hear people speak saying, they’re responsible for picking stocks or managing portfolios of the stocks. Well, this is a huge misconception people still have about the job of an investment banker.

    If you still don’t know investment bankers are like salesmen who spend most of their time within the marketing business or selling companies.

    There’s no job that is too complex or difficult that it cannot be simplified. The more challenging a job role, the better of a person you become in terms of strengthening job insecurities.

    Most banking certification programs teach you to cope with real-world problems and how best you can tackle them. Once you’ve gained the complete trust and possess the right skills, working in the IB industry shouldn’t be a tough job.

    1. Decision-making training

    As you play the role of an investment banker, your decision-making skills will improve. With time, you’ll get skilled in making better and more calculated decisions for the organization.

    Once you get hired, you’re responsible for making the right impact, strategies that will benefit the organization. Every decision you make makes a huge impact on the organization. As you embark on the journey of an investment banker, you become a person who leads a positive disposition and produces better quality work.

    1. Financial modeling

    Financial modeling is one of the most significant and important skills you need when working in an IB firm. You’re expected to build financial models that best fit the needs of the organization. The proficiency or working with excel, balance sheets, and income statement, the job role teaches you everything.

    If you wish to start a career in the IB firm, then perhaps earning a credible investment banking certification is a must-have. And what else would be better than you upskilling during crucial times like these – the pandemic crisis where people are relying on online platforms to upgrade skills.

    In conclusion

    The journey of an investment banker does have its ups and downs but the reward you receive is always worth the journey.

    Some of the great names to get you started with the banking job include names like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and HSBC Holdings.