Top Spots To Enjoy In Greece

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    Blog posted on : 15-10-2020

    Top Spots To Enjoy In Greece


    Let’s be honest, probably all of us have searched the “best beaches Greek islands” on the internet. Dreaming of a vacation in Greece is something everything can relate to. Well, if you have already planned, here are the top spots to enjoy in Greece.


    #1 Corfu:




    If you have a look at some pictures of the Corfu Islands of Greece, you will know why it is one of the top spots to enjoy in Greece. If your search is for “best beaches Greek islands” then the perfect answer is Corfu Islands. Mountains, beaches, picturesque villages, Corfu Islands have got it all. 


    #2 Santorini:




    Of course, Santorini just can’t be missed when it comes to the top spots to enjoy in Greece. There’s a reason why Santorini is all over the calendars and postcards. Known as the “diamond of the Aegean”, Santorini has a ton of enjoyments to offer. Beautiful villages, unforgettable beaches, and the most promising restaurants; in Santorini, you will surely have the time of your life. 


    #3 Zakynthos:




    If you are heading to Greece for a vacation and are on the hunt for a sport where you can peacefully enjoy the nightlife, this is it. Zakynthos is where you need to go if you want your mind to be positively blown away. The best thing about the Zakynthos islands is the large white cliffs that surround the lovely sandy beaches.


    #4 Rhodes:




    Rhodes Islands is the place to go to if you are looking for the best beaches Greek islands. Rhodes is said to welcome and provide to the people with all kinds of taste, making it one of the hottest tourist spots. Rhodes is the perfect mix of wonderful beaches and amazing history.


    #5 Meteora:




    Meteora is said to be one of the most unique places you can visit not only in Greece but in all of Europe. Meteora is home to some of the most perplexing sights that you can only dream of. Here, you will find churches that are built so high that it seems like they are reaching the heavens.


    #6 Skyros:




    If your internet search history also contains entries like “best beaches Greek islands” then look no further. The answer is right here; “Skyros”. Skyros is the place to visit if you are planning a relaxed, laidback vacation to wash all your worries away.


    #7 Nafplio:




    For those of you whose taste leans towards the elite side, Nafplio is the place to go. Nafplio is the metropolis of Greece. In its deep, rich history, you can find signs left behind by the visits of the Venetians, Byzantines, and the Ottomans. Apart from history, Nafplio provides the best sports to enjoy and have a good time.


    #8 Knossos:




    Are you a history lover? Going on vacation too? Well, the best thing you can do to combine these two is to go to Knossos, Greece. The ruins of Knossos will take you all the way back in the past of Greece, where you can enjoy the place’s history to the fullest.


    #9 Athens:




    When you go to Greece for a visit, there is simply no way that you can forget to visit Athens. The city of Athens holds a rich history, known as the place where Western civilization was founded. Athens is the spot if you want to immerse yourself in Greek culture. It is home to several amazing tourist spots like the temple of Zeus.


    Now is your time to make the most of the best beaches Greek islands. Visit these top spots to enjoy in Greece for a vacation that you will never forget.