Uniswap drenched with leading features

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    Blog posted on : 11-01-2021

    Uniswap drenched with leading features

    Uniswap is a decentralized exchange protocol built securely on Ethereum. To be precise, it is an automated liquidity protocol. The major advantage of Uniswap is, there is no order book or centralized party required to perform trading. It is open-source software.

    Uniswap permits users to trade easily without any intermediaries, with high decentralization.

    You may ask, then how do trades happen here without the need for an order book or any intermediaries? Well, Uniswap works with a robust model that involves liquidity providers delivering liquidity pools. This platform provides a decentralized pricing mechanism that eases out order book depth.

    As Uniswap is decentralized, there is no listing process. Any ERC-20 token can be launched seamlessly as long as there is a liquidity pool available for the traders.

    Uniswap clone script

    It is a decentralized exchange script that helps execute two smart contracts hosted on the Ethereum blockchain's surface.

    The Uniswap clone script is developed to help solve common and major liquidity issues faced in every exchange. Our script allows automatic token swapping to perform and process secured and decentralized transactions/exchanges in DeFi platforms.

    Let us dive deep into this topic further to get a better understanding.

    Uniswap clone

    It is totally a DeFi exchange platform that renders a highly scalable decentralized exchange platform. 

    Uniswap clone app script is a complete replica of Uniswap with features and functionalities similar to DeFi exchange like Uniswap. 

    Salient features of our Uniswap exchange clone script

    Here, we listed out some of the exclusive features of our Uniswap clone script.

    • Flash swapping

    In our Uniswap exchange clone development, one can make multi-step transactions. This is known as Flash swapping. This feature permits your users to withdraw the reserves of any ERC 20 tokens.

    • No KYC

    Our Uniswap clone script does not require to have any KYC verification to initiate trading. Rather, it only requires a public wallet address identification to perform trading. 

    • Two-factor authentication

    We help you offer secure transactions using this feature, and unauthorized users are prevented from accessing it, thereby offering a safe transaction/trade.

    • Instant buying & selling

    Our clone script's buying & selling option enables you to buy and sell assets rapidly without delay.

    • Multilingual support

    Our DeFi platforms have this feature that helps attract the global audience by offering their native language support for users across the globe.

    • Easy accessibility

    Our clone script has eco-friendly options that make your app easy to use, even for beginners.

    • White-labeled solution

    We help your business to have a customizable feature and solution for satisfying your business needs.

    • Tight security

    We assure you to provide high quality and secure solutions as the protocols do not carry any funds because the smart contract of the Uniswap clone is built on top of Ethereum blockchain technology and audited properly.

    • New tokens

    Our clone script for Uniswap supports instant trading allowing anyone to access new tokens through it. If your users want to create liquidity for new pools, they can create their own token and pair it with any ERC token.

    • Own custodian

    Your app users can have their unique private keys meaning they are the owner and custodian of their own tokens and assets to easily and directly exchange them with high liquidity pools.

    Overview of Uniswap

    Uniswap is an exchange protocol created for swapping ERC20 to ETH tokens and vice versa on an Ethereum blockchain. This uses a liquidity pool instead of order books like the other DeFi platforms.

    Uniswap protocol in DeFi creates an own liquidity pool instead of the order book model used by buyers & sellers involved in a trading process.

    What are liquidity pools?

    To be precise, it holds a huge pool of tokens that facilitate a trade to be performed in a decentralized manner/exchanges.

    They are locked with smart contracts for security purposes to make it unhackable by the scammers/fraudsters.

    Why are liquidity pools used?

    One or more multiple market makers wants to make a market on a certain type of asset. But it isn't very easy for the other users to make an exchange.

    To eliminate this constant changing of order book price value and stop the frequent change, the liquidity pools are introduced.

    This provides easy exchange of tokens by creating and giving a pair of the token in the liquidity pools. One such token is ETH used on Uniswap protocol.

    Common types of liquidity pools

    • Uniswap
    • Curve
    • Balancer

    How does Uniswap DEX work?

    Uniswap is a decentralized exchange protocol that allows your users to swap Ethereum tokens securely. The streamlined process is as follows.

    • It does not follow the traditional DEX exchange protocol, i.e., it does not use any order books; instead, it uses a constant product market maker, which is also called AMM ( Automated Market Maker)
    • AMM is nothing but smart contracts or liquidity pools that consists of the liquidity reserves that your traders trade.
    • Anyone can be a liquidity provider who funds reserves by depositing an equivalent value of two tokens in a pool.
    • At last, the traders pay a specified fee to the pool. It is then distributed to the liquidity providers based on their shares to the liquidity pools.

    What are the business benefits of using your own DEX like Uniswap

    We are listing out some of the benefits of using our Uniswap clone script.

    • Requiring minimal investment

    If chosen the right DEX development company, you can have and launch your own DeFi based decentralized platform like Uniswap with less investment.

    • No Intermediaries

    As our DEX exchange script is totally decentralized, it does not require any manual input or third party support.

    • High ROI

    Using our Uniswap clone development helps you generate a profitable income and high return on investment since our clone involves all functions like staking, liquidity pools, and more.

    • Liquidity at launch

    Our DeFi based DEX’s like Uniswap easily overcome the liquidity risks as it is the major risk factor of DEX platforms.

    • Assured trading volume

    With our Uniswap clone script, we help you have more users and trading volume, as our script holds more than 95% of decentralized exchange space.

    • Branding

    As DeFi is the digital globe's future, launching your DEX platform like Uniswap by leveraging DeFi protocols with us helps you have quick brand visibility.

    Closing Thoughts,

    Are you looking to purchase a ready to deploy and high-quality Uniswap clone script? Then, do not hesitate to associate with us being the leading DeFi development company to help you deliver a top-notch DeFi based exchange solution like Uniswap.