Variants of Cleanroom Seating

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    Blog posted on : 08-08-2020

    Variants of Cleanroom Seating

    Wondering which variant of chairs and stools you should buy for your cleanroom? Here is the complete guide that you will need in order to set up your cleanroom with the most appropriate chairs and stools.

    It is needless to mention the importance of having a proper number of chairs and stools in your cleanroom. This is because of the fact that such places are often crowded strictly by instruments, equipment, and machines. Most of the machines work manually, i.e. they need external input from the users for smooth functioning. While it might sound simple to operate an instrument through a simple output, in reality, it is a backbreaking task. For this reason, you as a researcher should be in the utmost need for enough numbers of chairs and stools inside your cleanroom.

    Chairs and stools used for cleanroom purposes are quite different from the ones we see usually in our house or shops. For the latter occasions, comfort and aesthetic are two of the most important criteria that need to be fulfilled. On the other hand, for office or laboratory purposes, the aim is to make the user sit in the perfect position so that they can operate the machine/equipment at ease. If you notice closely, chairs and stools of this kind do not contribute much to comfort but only to the sole purpose as to for which it is used. We can also say that they are more technical.

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    1. Revolving Stools/Chairs With Airlift:

    Revolving stools/chairs are the commonest of all those available for formal or official purposes. These are of huge help when working with instruments at a height. Revolving stools can also be compared to revolving chairs only by the margin of comfort and a few structural features. While the former is designed only to serve the purpose in the most correct way possible, the latter comes with an additional feature of back support and extra comfort.

    Chairs and stools of this kind are helpful because they can revolve around their axis so you can position yourself accordingly while sitting in the same seat. Next, they come with an airlift system. By this feature, you can adjust the height of your stools or chairs and fix a definite position based on that of your machine or instrument. It is true that they are usually designed in a way so that with minimal coverage of space, your purpose can be solved. Even then, buying a revolving chair instead of stool can effortlessly save you from those intense back pain.

    1. Computer Task Chairs:

    If we are talking about laboratories, clean rooms, and research, we just cannot skip the necessity of computational work in any way. Computers are an integral part of any well-functioning lab. Therefore, the next essential part that needs to be fulfilled is buying computer task chairs for the smooth functioning of all the technical work which you need to get done in front of a computer. Although cleanrooms are known to be a big space comprising only chemical or mechanical equipment and machinery for the manufacture, research and development purposes, they do comprise of computers for an integrated work system.

    Especially for this task, such chairs have been designed where the user can have a good and relaxing experience of working even for hours. The unique features of these chairs include a plain and smooth surface, height adjustable mechanisms, attached to rollers so that you can move easily from one place to another, and are made up of firm materials such as superior quality foam contributing to durability. They are widely used in pharmaceutical, clinical, educational, and medical cleanrooms.

    1. Steel Stools:

    Steel stools are the perfect choice for tasks where you do not need to spend a day or half of it. Many cleanrooms prefer this kind of stool as their features are extremely simple thereby making it easier for the researchers to keep them all clean and dust-free. The more basic your seating arrangement is, the easier it is to maintain a clean and germ-free environment. This should also be the primary criterion for establishing a cleanroom.

    Therefore, basic steel stools with zero extra materials added are the best option for your cleanroom if you are associated with short-term work. They do not worsen your back issues because they are used for only a short span; also, they are easy to clean and keep clean.

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    Conclusively, this makes up the short yet complete guide through the variants of cleanroom seating. You should have all the answers to your questions by now and be probably ready to make your purchase a worthy one. Remember the purpose of buying a certain kind of stool/chair and shop accordingly.