What Are The Benefits Of Professional Marble Restoration

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    Blog posted on : 13-01-2021

    What Are The Benefits Of Professional Marble Restoration

    Marble Flooring is considered one of the most expensive and royal floorings that anyone can opt for. Marble Floors are resistant to wear and tear that is otherwise caused through the foot traffic. This flooring solution in addition to being durable is aesthetically pleasing as well due to its natural finish.

    One other advantage of marble floors is that they prevent diseases due to their easy disinfection. However, every once in a while you may need to invest in commercial or residential marble restoration services. This is because even the most durable of marbles are prone to scratches, discoloration, and fading.

    We have listed down the top perks and advantages of professional marble restoration. But before that, we will answer some of the commonly asked questions. Stay tuned till the end.

    How often should one restore their Marble Flooring?

    You must hire a professional marble restoration service the moment you observe any discoloration and chipping. Even if you find your floor heavily scratched from places, you must consider investing in restoration services. If you leave it like this, the floor would get even more damaged over time.

    What happens during a Marble Flooring Restoration?

    The exact restoration techniques that a company will adopt for your marble floor will depend on the intensity of damages. If your floor is chipped or broken then it cannot be restored, it would need to be replaced.

    However, if the top protective layer gets scratched or discolored then this coat can be replaced with a new one. The scratches on the other hand can easily be polished off while a fresh protective coat will instantly brighten up your floor smoothing out any damaged areas. Once the restoration process is done, your marble floor will appear glossy and shiny just like when it was new.

    The Benefits Marble Restoration

    It is easier to get your old floor repaired than to invest in getting a new one installed. In addition to saving money, a professional marble restoration will offer all of the following benefits in the long run: 

    • The appearance of your floor will greatly get enhanced

    Once the restoration procedure is done, your floor will appear bright, shiny, and new. The scratches will be removed while the deep scratches will get a finer appearance. At the same time, the original color of your marble stone will get refurbished ensuring a bright, glossy finish on the top.

    • Visible damages will get removed

    Marble repair services will ensure that your floor gets free from any dirty stains and scratches. The broken chipped, loose and damaged areas will be fixed, once again making sure your floor appears bright and new.

    • Budget-friendly option

    You will end up saving much more money if you hire a marble restoration service than getting your entire floor replaced. Remember changing your flooring entirely from the base is a heavy investment.

    • Environment-friendly

    Marble floors have the longest lifespan out of all the flooring types available in the market. They are constructed out of natural stones hence are highly durable and last for long stretches of time without the need for any replacement.

    If you do replace your marble floors, the chipped marble will end up creating land pollution because it cannot be reused anywhere else. Besides, the resources for your new flooring will also be dug out from the land and the process contributes to both land and air pollution.

    On the other hand, marble restoration procedures are completely environment friendly, use the least amount of resources, and definitely do not add to the landfills

    • The worth of your home will be preserved

    Marble without a doubt is a long-term investment when it comes to flooring solutions. They not only appear beautiful but are highly durable as well with long lifespans. If you get a new floor made of artificial items, the overall worth of your home or property can greatly decrease. Hence, restoring your present marble is not only inexpensive but significantly increases the worth of your home especially if you have planned to sell it out.

    • Higher Density

    Once the marble floor gets polished during the restoration, its density would greatly increase. This means that the overall strength and hardness of your marble floor’s surface will also increase making it less prone to damage. So your floor will remain fresh for long stretches of time after the procedure is done, even if you end up with a few stains they can easily be wiped off with cleaning solutions.

    • Say No to Etch Marks

    There are multiple types of marble tiles available in the market that can easily get etch marks. If you have been making efforts to clean them without any result then you must opt for a polishing service for your marble. This will remove these dirty etch marks from the surface of your marble flooring.

    In The End

    All in all, marble restoration services have multiple advantages over replacing your entire floor. It is cost-effective, restores your marble to a brand new state, increases density, removes stains and scratches among other multiple benefits. Hence, if you are planning to get a new floor then save your money and invest in a marble restoration and repair service instead.