What Are The Cheapest Study Abroad Programs

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    Blog posted on : 13-10-2020

    What Are The Cheapest Study Abroad Programs

    When we hear the word abroad or foreign, we get excited and wish to visit those countries immediately. If you are a student and you have an interest in pursuing studies in foreign lands, then you should probably start packing your bags.

    Likewise, you have imagined exploring historical streets, cozy and fresh rooms, pristine beaches, and lots more.


    Yet, studying on foreign require lump sum investment. You may desire to study in foreign lands under best universities, but monetary concerns can hinder your dreams. Moreover, hostel charges, unexpected expenses can become an additional burden for you.


    For overcoming such expenses, a financial estimation can be beneficial along with some ready references for budget-friendly overseas programs.    


    We bring to you some affordable programs on foreign lands. If you wish to discover more, it's time to make your dream a reality today. We will list down the cheapest or low-cost study abroad programs for you. So, read on:


    1.IS A Study Abroad in Costa Rica: Costa Rica, sounds amazing right? Lush greenery, pristine and clean beach waters, and beautiful scenic beauty are enough to attract anyone. You have to visit San Jose in Costa Rica to pursue a course. You have to have proficiency and understanding of Spanish. Also, make sure to opt for the course depending upon the knowledge of the Spanish language. 


    Students get a chance to learn online courses and also get jobs and internships. Program fees include stay, meals, tuition, laundry, Digital subscription by the New York Times, unlimited internet access, and lots more. The best time to visit the fall or spring semester. You have to take help from study abroad consultants in India.


    2. USAC Poland: Based in Krakow, The USAC Poland program is one of the famous programs here. This course is focused on the history of Poland, political, economical, and Jewish studies. It is indeed a great chance to learn about diversified cultures and languages.


    Despite being situated in Europe, the fees of the program are affordable. This includes tuition, health insurance, field trips, visa assistance, and housing and stays.


    Poland is one of the great places to visit at any time of the year. Millennium Consultants is one of the best study abroad consultants in India and it can help you find the best course.


    3. IES Abroad Summer, Argentina: Buenos Aires is the place where the IES Study Program is present. The summer program includes studies of agriculture, environment, sciences, and lots more subjects. Also, students will be able to gain hands-on experience while working at the lab. The package again includes homestay, insurance, meals, and internet access. Also, many events take place here on a regular interval of time.


    Summer is the best time to visit Argentina and you should give it a try with the help of the best career counseling institutes in India i.e. Millenium Institute.


    4. Asia Exchange in Malaysia: Based in Kuala Lumpur, Asia Exchange is one of the best institutes to study engineering, technology, political sciences, economics, Management in Finance, Marketing, Operations or Supply Chain Management at affordable rates.


    Program fees include tuition, insurance, rent, volunteering options, and lots more. This institute is based in Kuala Lumpur and fall or spring seasons. Also, the fees are very nominal.

    5. Culture & Language Abroad, Guanajuato: Guanajuato is a unique nation and a handful of people have heard this. But here a student will have memorable study time and student life. High quality and pocket-friendly fees of language courses. Liberal arts and culture host 21,000 students and this is indeed an exceptional location for study. Program fees include meals, stay, travel insurance, orientation, excursions, tuition, Spanish lessons, and lots more. 


    This is located in the Mexico region and yes, a student gets freedom.


    There are still many programs available abroad and Millennium is the best study abroad consultant in India.