What are the Causes of Kidney Pain

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    Blog posted on : 13-01-2021

    What are the Causes of Kidney Pain

    The human body is a cleverly engineered miracle that is strong and fragile at the same time. There are numerous organs and systems working every single second bestowing you with the gift of life.

    If you notice you will find that most delicate organs are cushioned and placed so as to offer maximum protection realizing the intricate networks you can’t help but marvel at the creator’s ingenious ways.

    Kidneys are one of many organs that are delicate but perform significantly important functions in the human body. These filter out harmful waste products and also secrete many important hormones that regulate bodily functions. Kidneys can get affected by many diseases and many times the only reason of no cure is the delayed diagnosis.

    Causes of Kidney Pain

    Kidneys are present behind the abdomen under the rib cage. Pain in sides, radiating from the upper back, and in flanks can be due to kidney issues. Kidney pain can be attributed to many underlying problems therefore it is important to find and consult the best nephrologist near you and get your kidney health tested.

    Diagnosis is usually made by running tests on blood samples and urine. The patient’s medical history, pregnancy, and physical exam are also considered. Some advanced tests like CT scan and MRI can also be ordered to assist diagnosis.

    But every time your backaches do not means there is something wrong with your kidneys. Kidney pain can be one-sided if only one of the kidneys is affected or it can on both sides if both the kidneys are troubled.
    Below is a list of diseases that can cause kidney pain.

    Symptoms of Kidney Pain

    Kidney pain is also known as renal or flank pain and it arises in the area between lower back and buttocks. At times it becomes tricky to differentiate back pain and kidney pain. In some cases, this pain may radiate toward flank or groin. Some affected people may also develop allied symptoms such as:

    • Fever
    • Blood in urine
    • Vomiting
    • Feeling nauseous
    • Rash
    • Tiredness
    • Chills
    • Light headedness
    • Urine examination that shows pus cells in urine


    When to Consult a doctor?

    Kidney pain should not be taken lightly and reporting it to your healthcare provider is essential. Sometimes when it is difficult to differentiate between backache and kidney pain is also good to get your doctor's opinion about it.

    Besides if you have kidney pain due to infection it can deteriorate your kidneys if left unattended. You can use marham.pk to find and consult the best kidney disease specialists in Pakistan and book appointments in a matter of few clicks.