What is a Communication Agency

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    Blog posted on : 31-03-2021

    What is a Communication Agency

    To better understand what a communication agency is , it is essential to determine what type of agency it is, because the specificities of these agencies are so many and varied that the definition cannot be uniform to qualify them all. . A brief overview of the extremely diverse functions of communication agencies and presentation of the areas of expertise of Graphicstyle, a global communication agency, specializing in graphic design.

    Definition of the different types of communication agencies

    The basic definition of a communication agency is simple: "a communication agency is responsible for guiding any company, community, association, in the development of its internal and external communication". But do we know from this formula what is the real mission of an agency and what it really is? To understand more precisely what the role of a communication agency consists of, it is necessary to determine more precisely its field of specialization, because the profession that results from it can turn out to be completely different from one universe to another. The expertise developed in a specialty represents high added value for a communication agency. Customers, companies, communities, associations, liberal or even individuals, likely to entrust him with a project, will have every interest in studying his fields of competence to be sure to have chosen the best service provider. It is therefore important to be familiar with the different areas of expertise of communication agencies before calling on their services. Most of them have several specialties to their credit, but a trend is still emerging towards a strong competence which determines the dominant specialization of a communication agency such as events, advertising, media, the web, press, public communication or print.

    Corporate or institutional communication agency

    What is corporate or institutional communication? it is particularly intended to promote the image of a company or an institution, and not directly their products or services. It seeks to make a target audience adhere to a concept and values, in a logical perspective of consumption or membership. By helping to enhance the image of the company or an organization, corporate or institutional communication thus enables the development of the activity through various objectives. Goals : Define a target audience, positioning and strategy Promote the company or institution or develop the brand image Build trust and engagement of the target audience Maintain reputation Support the feeling of belonging and unite employees in the company. The actions : Flyers, brochures, brochures, posters Purchase of media space: press, radio, television, cinema Presence on the web, website, blog, social networks External events: open days, birthdays, shows, competitions ... Sponsorship, partnership Internal communication: posters, intranet, events ...

    Audiovisual communication agency

    What is an audiovisual communication and production agency? They specialize in the design of professional audiovisual communication media, whether in corporate or advertising communication, for the promotion of a brand, a product or a service. Their expertise brings exceptional quality to their achievements thanks to their mastery of the most recent image and sound technologies. Call on this type of agency if your audiovisual medium must be upscale and of great aesthetic quality, whatever the expected communication objective. Goals : Design brand identity, marketing strategy, graphic research Produce corporate communication, advertising or marketing materials Design audio clips or videos for TV or web Create videos for events, shows, concerts, creative projects Record events, concerts, congresses live or deferred Design audio or video advertising spots for broadcast on TV, web, mobile or cinema Artistic creations in 3D, motion design, live video ... The actions : Institutional or corporate films Advertising films Brand Content Motion design Educational communication Portraits Clips, short films Fictions Photo Event communication agency.

    What is event communication?

    It is a powerful lever to promote a company, an association, a brand, a product or a service because the exceptional, creative, convivial, often festive aspect that accompanies an event is an undeniable factor of seduction. Launch, company anniversary, change of premises, merger of companies, or even quite simply presentation of a new website, everything can be a pretext for the organization of a milestone event to reach the widest possible audience and involve your staff . An event can have several external or internal communication objectives. Goals : Launch a new product or service Publicize the concept, strategy and values ​​of a brand Strengthen the company's positioning in its field of activity Promote the image of the company or institution Establish new sponsors or partnerships Exchange knowledge or information Build and retain a community Strengthen team cohesion The actions : Shows, concerts Exhibitions, trade fairs Congress, seminars, team-building Product launches Open doors Sports challenges Evenings, cocktails Corporate events Stimulation campaigns, sales force animation Press relations, public relations Operational, sports or cultural marketing General assemblies, professional meetings ...

    Internal communication agency

    What is internal communication? It is essential for the proper functioning of a company, SME or large accounts, and institution. It requires very specific tools which contribute to the transmission of operational and strategic information, horizontally and transversally within the company. Internal communication thus enables staff members to adhere to the strategic vision of the organization and to develop their sense of belonging, while meeting the various objectives necessary for the proper development of the activity. Goals : Share the fundamental values ​​and strategy of the company or institution Play a unifying role with staff members around the business project Transmit common rules Facilitate exchanges in human resources Make the field known at all levels of the company Maintain a good social climate Facilitate discussions between employees and the various bodies of the company Pass on skills and know-how Ensure the transmission of values ​​and experiences The actions : Posting at all levels of the company or association Information to employees: recruitments, departures, promotions, news, training ... Blog articles, videos for the transmission of knowledge, innovations Presentation brochures for products, services, establishments Newsletter, internal journal Intranet site, mobile application, social network Meetings, seminars, internal training Digital dashboard Collaborative breakfasts Festive events.

    Digital communication agency

    What is a digital communication agency? She directs her expertise towards web marketing for companies and institutions. It offers techniques that are inspired by traditional marketing, implemented according to the determined strategy, and which are based on different objectives. Goals : Define a target audience, positioning and visual identity on the web Develop digital content Carry out strategic web marketing Bring traffic generation Analyze performance Ensure loyalty. The actions : Identification of target audience and positioning Market and competition study, audit, strategy Showcase or e-commerce websites, blogs Natural or paid referencing Buying advertising space online Animation of forums, social networks Traffic visibility monitoring ROI analysis or return on investments Online sales status Management of communities or partnerships Monitoring and analysis of the retention rate Study of the profile of new visitors

    Advertising and marketing communication agency

    What is an advertising agency? The role of an advertising communication agency (or advertising agency) is to create supports to optimize the visibility of a brand, a company or an institution in order to increase its success factors. Digital marketing has become the main channel for advertising promotion because the internet obviously has an incomparable reach. But the traditional approaches are not left out and the print, audiovisual or television advertising campaigns, carried out in parallel, allow an always effective coverage to fulfill well-diversified objectives. Goals : Identify the target audience and positioning Define a marketing strategy to promote a brand, product or service Develop a communication plan for an advertising campaign Create or identify the identity of a brand, product or service Declining an identity into a visual identity Manage advertising, marketing and web marketing actions Ensure the visibility of your business The actions : Content strategy, natural or paid referencing Visual identity, custom logo designers, graphic charters, graphic design Advertising campaigns, spots, billboards Media campaigns, audio or television advertising, press releases Flyers, brochures, catalogs, posters, packaging, labels Corporate gifts, promotional items Panels, signs, kakemonos Web marketing, website, blog, social networks Stands, exhibitions, trade fairs ...