What is acne Can a Facewash Help Here

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    Blog posted on : 28-10-2021

    What is acne Can a Facewash Help Here

    Many of you have experienced different skin conditions, right? Have you ever undergone acnes? Well, when talking about acnes, it looks like one of the commonest things advised given is simply wash your face! As if it would solve up every single reason of acne. Come on, if it would have been the case, nobody would have ever experienced acne scars or marks.

    You need a proper product to deal with your acnes and here, a good face wash for acne scars and marks can be a perfect thing. You have no idea how a single facewash can transform your skin and get you a better experience.

    Causes of acne scars 

    A couple of the prime factors that cause acne are such as:

    • Hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells
    • Excess oil production
    • Extensive bacteria
    • Extra activity of a type of hormone (androgens)

    Acne fundamentally appears on your chest, face, forehead, upper back and shoulders because these areas of skin encompass the maximum oil (sebaceous) glands. Hair follicles are associated with oil glands.

    Things that could adverse acne

    Following aspects can trigger or aggravate acne:


    Androgens are hormones that augment in men and women during puberty and trigger the sebaceous glands to boost and make more sebum. Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and the practice of oral contraceptives can also affect sebum production. Similarly, low amounts of androgens in blood of females can worsen acne.


    Many medicines such as drugs containing that of lithium and corticosteroids.

    How to choose the perfect facewash for your acne skin?

    If the truth be told, there are many facewashes that do claim to treat acne marks and scars with additional ingredients like that of benzoyl peroxide as well as salicylic acid, simply to give a couple of names. But do such ingredients actually help your skin? Well, when you speak of acne, it is tempting to go all-in and effort to raze your acne to ground in utmost possible fighting.  The thing is that you cannot simply choose anything or everything. After all, your skin has a texture, skin type and so on.

    It is crucial to know that your skin has a natural fence known as the acid mantle. Everyone has one, and to keep it complete and healthy is significant when speaking of resolving any skin concern – including acne. This natural fence does help the skin to hold moisture and defend it against any pollutants such as bacteria, that could cause acne. It could easily be damaged by applying the wrong sort of cleansers, making problems like dryness and breakouts even adverse.

    The ideal face wash is non-stripping, that of ph. balanced, and even does not possess any extra treatments in it – its only duty is to literally cleanse your skin.  The point is you must choose a face wash that is meant for acne marks and scars. Also, ensure that it is of your skin type.


    So, if you are regularly washing your face with face wash for acne marks, you can be sure that your skin refines and all your acne related issues resolve.