What to Feed Dubia Roaches

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    Blog posted on : 10-08-2020

    What to Feed Dubia Roaches

    Dubia roaches are a species of cockroaches from Argentina. They are considered an excellent food for reptiles as they are full of protein and loads of nutrients.

     Many reptile owners and pet experts often prefer the method of how to breed dubia roaches instead of buying them.

     It is because the dubia roaches are easy to breed, and they do not need a lot of maintenance. If you want the dubia roaches to become an excellent food source for your pet, you need to provide them with proper nutrition. It is because; the insects need to be healthy and nutritious when your pets eat them. Read this article till the end to know what you need to feed the dubia roaches for a healthy reptile pet.

    In general, dubia roaches can survive on anything. They and other cockroaches thrive beside the human colony and eat what humans eat. So, you do not need to spend a lot of money on special foods for the roaches.

    Many people often opt for special roach chow or roach food for them, but that is not necessary. Simple fruits and vegetables are enough here. The natural products are better and rich in nutrients. Although the choice depends on the breeder but feeding the insects, a combination of roach chow and natural ingredients is the best choice.

     Some everyday food items for dubia roaches

     Dubia roaches love sugar and yeast. Hence, anything sweet will be the best food option. Here are some standard food options for dubia roaches that you can choose-

    • Ripe bananas

     Extra ripe bananas are great for feeding the dubia roaches. The insects love ripe bananas, and you can easily buy these extra ripen bananas at a minimal price. It is better to peel the bananas and place them inside the container in small portions at different places so that every insect get their food.

    •  Carrots and beets

    Carrots and beets are rich in Vitamins, polyphones, fiber, sugar, moisture, and minerals. So, these vegetables are high for dubia roaches, According to experts, the carrots and beets help improve the health of the dubia roaches, and the insects get enough nutrition from these food items. If you want the bugs to get moisture through their food, beets and carrots are best alongside bananas. Additionally, dubia roaches are fond of beets and carrots.

    •  Oats and wheat

     You can also provide your dubia roaches a diet of oats and wheat-like cooked oats or even cooked wheat. Or, using fine ground oatmeal and wheat flour is also a great idea. It is better to mix these items with some sugar so that the roaches eat their food.

    •  Sweet potatoes

    Dubia roaches love everything sweet. Although they do not eat potatoes, sweet potatoes are their favorite. Hence, providing them an occasional treat for sweet potatoes is a great thing. It is a complete meal for the insects, and they get enough nutrients to thrive and grow properly.

    •  Roach chow


    Yes, roach chow is also an excellent choice for the dubia roaches. If you only rely on them, your pet may not get enough nutrition from the feeder insects. Therefore as the experts recommend, you can provide roach chow to the dubias for once or twice a week. You can mix water with the chow to give the insects hydration. There are different types of roach chow variants, and you can choose any one available form the nearest pet shop or online portals.

    •  Leafy greens

    The leafy green is a must for the dubia roaches. You need to provide them a weekly dose of leafy greens like spinach, kale, etc. for once in a week.

    •  Frass

     Young dubia roach nymphs eat frass. The colony will not thrive without young roaches. The nymphs need frass to get microorganisms and healthy bacteria. So, if you want to breed a healthy colony, make sure to include a small amount of frass in the container. The older insects do not eat frass.

     It is essential to provide the dubia roaches a healthy diet to ensure your pet gets proper nutrition from their food. Additionally, make sure to gut load the insects before feeding these to your pet.