Why You Should Launch Multi-service On-demand App Like Gojek

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    Blog posted on : 15-12-2020

    Why You Should Launch Multi-service On-demand App Like Gojek

    The dependency on smartphones is elevating with each passing day. The convenience of availing services at doorsteps, matched with the exclusive benefit of accessing a wide range of service providers from a single place, has made on-demand apps the talk of the town. The COVID-19 pandemic has reiterated the above statement, especially when people’s other options of availing services have been shut indefinitely. With that being said, people are still finding it challenging to avail of services via smartphones due to a variety of reasons. 

    Among the plethora of reasons, unfamiliarity with smartphones inevitably tops the list. Add to that the problems like deterioration in phone performance as a result of stacking excessive apps & complexity in the platforms’ workflow. There’s no doubt in the fact that smartphone penetration is the next big thing. With an approximated number of 3.5 billion smartphone users by the end of 2020 and 3.8 billion by 2021, exploring the online medium is ideal for businesses to reach a massive audience. 

    What if there’s a way to culminate in multiple on-demand services under one roof and provide a comprehensive package for customers? In this technologically-driven world, this idea is gradually transforming into reality due to the massive reception of multi-service apps. Are you an entrepreneur who aspires to launch a multi-service app like Gojek but hesitating to make an investment? If so, this blog is your one-stop destination to reassure the fact that launching a multi-service on-demand app comes with lucrative advantages to the entire ecosystem. 

    Multi-service Apps - A Quick Overview 

    Also known as Super apps, these apps find their origin way back in 2010 when Mike Lazaridis, the founder of Blackberry, coined the term ‘Super apps’ and defined them as a ‘closed ecosystem of apps.’ It was the Southeast Asian on-demand market that witnessed the first wave of multi-service apps with the emergence of Gojek, Grab, etc. Interestingly, Gojek or Grab did not emerge as a Super app in the first place. After having reasonable success with their respective ride-hailing businesses, these apps laid out the possibility of transforming into multi-service apps, garnering a massive customer base by doing so. 

    Today, even tech giants like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., are all trying to explore this remunerative segment as a measure to retain potential customers. The ever-present Google Maps, displaying characteristics of different services, also shows signs of a Super app. 

    The Super App Community 

    Similar to any other on-demand apps, Super app’s ecosystem consists of different stakeholders, co-existing, and benefiting from each other. The stakeholders involved include, 

    • Customers
    • Service providers - Delivery/other on-demand service executives  
    • The platform owner 

    Working efficiently on the supply-demand principle, developing a Super app like Gojek or Grab is beneficial and profitable in every aspect. Let’s discuss their different perks in the upcoming section. 

    The Customer perspective - Ultimate convenience 

    Customers are inevitable for any business. Unless and until the platform satisfies the needs of consumers, success will remain a distant fruit. Here are some benefits of multi-service apps to customers, 

    • Convenience: Users needn’t spend time or energy to reach service providers. With just a few taps on their smartphones, they can avail of doorstep services. 
    • Accessibility: Multi-service app users needn’t switch between different apps for various services. They have access to a wide range of services under one roof. 
    • Reliability: Users can instantly communicate with service providers via the app and track their live locations in real-time. This reliability is one pivotal advantage that steers Super apps towards success. 
    • Personalized preferences: Be it choosing the language of the platform or paying for their services, users can opt for their personalized preferences, leading to enhanced satisfaction rates. 
    • Reduced phone storage: Loading nearly 50+ on-demand apps in smartphones leads to deterioration in phone speed and performance. Replacing these apps with a single Super app will ultimately lead to a boost in phone performance. 
    • One-stop-shop: Maintaining control over different orders is challenging, especially for first-time smartphone users who need to switch between different apps. Introducing a Super app will pave the way for a one-stop-shop, wherein customer engagement rates go through the ceiling. 

    The service providers’ viewpoint - A larger audience 

    With customers demanding services from the platform, there has to be consistent supply. Service providers are the bloodlines of any business, and a platform needs to satisfy such providers to sustain and succeed in the highly-competitive market space. 

    • Massive audience base: Instead of restricting their services to a particular locality, service providers can spread their businesses across the region by signing up with multi-service apps. This way, they gain access to a wider audience base without hefty investments from their side. 
    • Boost in visibility & sales: By taking their services online, service professionals boost their visibility substantially. By doing so, they get to boost their income by catering to a larger audience. 
    • Flexibility in working hours: Service providers needn’t operate under the standard working hours. They can switch between their availability effortlessly, leading to the utmost convenience and flexibility. 

    The platform owner’s impression - Unrestricted revenue 

    In today’s world, the success of any business is gauged by two important metrics - customer satisfaction and revenue. An entrepreneur, with an ultra-modern Gojek clone app, needs to strike the chord when it comes to the platform’s benefits and profitability. 

    • Revenue from numerous sources: By aggregating numerous services, the platform owner generates revenue from various sources. Be it the commissions from service providers, subscription charges from customers, or even in-app ad charges, you can boost your ROI in no time. 
    • Positive brand value: By satisfying customers and culminating in a wide range of services, you get to build a positive brand value for the platform. This value plays a crucial role in strategic partnerships and your business’s sustainability in the future. 


    Thus it is clear that Super apps come with jaw-dropping advantages for the entire ecosystem. Besides, the market for Super apps forecasts exponential growth in the near future. As a result, do not hesitate any longer or have second thoughts about investing in the segment. Reach out to an app development company, and roll out your Super app today.