Why should I discuss my house shifting plan with my owner

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    Blog posted on : 16-02-2021

    Why should I discuss my house shifting plan with my owner

    Have you already hired a moving company for shifting to a new city?

    If Yes! You need to inform your landlord/house owner/secretary of the society at the earliest. It is very important to make your actual moving day peaceful, to move on the actual schedule, and without any complication at the eleventh hour. If you think that hiring the most proficient and certified Packers and Movers in Mumbai is enough for your purpose, you may run afoul in the midway unnecessarily.  Let us see how to deal with it effectively.

    • Inform your existing owner about your shifting plan right after finalizing your mover. This should be done at least 45 to 60 days before the actual moving date. And, furnish a valid reason in support of your move.
    • Now, before a week of your move, meet him/her in person and payout all the relevant bills adequately. And at the same moment, request him politely to allow you to the nearest parking spot for your moving transport. Your Packers and Movers in Pune will indicate the approximate hours for this task.
    • Now, on the early morning of the final day, meet him/her again and pay the exact electric amount. At the same moment, request him/her to keep any document safe that arrives mistakenly at this address, and inform you immediately.
    • If you are supposed to change your number in the new city, inform him/her about it, and after reaching there make a call to him/her and request to note down/save the number.

    Closing Thought:

    Never try to escape or quarrel with your landlord, it may spoil your entire shifting plan badly at the last moment. Moreover, ask your Packers and Movers in Mumbai and other cities to be on time and know exactly that how much time they will take in packing all the stuff. This way you shall be ensuring a smooth and on-time shifting experience on an actual day.