customer loyalty program

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    Blog posted on : 29-11-2021

    customer loyalty program



    • Multiply Customer Visits To Your Outlets & Increase Revenue With Advocado

    Advocado’s loyalty programs enable you to increase footfall to your outlets by rewarding & re-engaging them effortlessly - bring them back to your business again and again.

    • Everything you need for a robust customer loyalty software for your retail outlets

    An intuitive and hassle-free customer loyalty software designed to make customer engagement and revenue generation that much easier!                                                                                                             

    Launch within 24 hours

    Choose from our powerful loyalty campaigns today and start engaging your customers tomorrow!

    No cards, No apps

    Enroll & instantly reward your customers with only the mobile number – in just 15 seconds!

    • Customisable loyalty programs to match your business needs

    Engage your customers anytime and anywhere with personalised loyalty programs, specially designed for your business.

    Customised campaigns for your business goals

    Customise campaigns for your business goals – Collect customer’s data, create multi-tier memberships, give away vouchers during off-peak time, and do much more, seamlessly!

    Continually engage your customers

    Create a 360-degree engagement in-store and off-store with customer-driven deals.

    • Customer engagement made easy with innovative technology

    Our proprietary technology makes client engagement and retention a cake walk, giving you instant cash flow for your business!

    Automated marketing

    Win over your competition with the right offers at the right time: birthday treats, membership-ending reminders and many other automated features to help increase your team’s productivity.

    Real-time reports

    Understand customer behaviour and form insights-driven strategies to boost revenue & reach business goals.


    How it Works?

    Sharing happiness has never been this easy. Gifting Whoever and Whenever customers want it.

    1. Merchants as proactive self-starters

    Merchant starts sharing happiness by indicating if the voucher is available for gifting. The possibilities are endless.


    1. Customers as thoughtful gifters

    Customers (Gifter) join in the fun by specifying the recipient's name and quantity of vouchers.

    1. Share happiness via multiple platforms

    What’s awesome is that these vouchers can be sent entirely via customers’ choice.

    1. Voilà. Sharing complete!

    Voilà. The lucky recipient can claim the gift by opening the link shared by their Gifter. Choose your joy, Share happiness today.