Procedure For Return Of Goods/Services

Despite efforts taken up by the company, it may not be possible to make every customer happy and satisfied. There may be times where, a customer may require to return goods. Services, once offered cannot be returned. So, it does not come under the boundaries of the policy. When you are take guidance from our site to purchase any kind of service, you are abiding to the rules and regulations of our site. Under no circumstances, can the price be returned. Moreover, we are acting as intermediaries as we are an online market place. Furthermore, the customers need to co-ordinate with the vendor directly to complain regarding any product or service. In case of return of goods, some guidelines are followed worldwide. You should always take a picture or click a video of the service, before embarking on the discovery of the deliverable. It is in the fine interest of the customer. In case the size of the product does not match or it is found to be defective, you as a customer will be solely responsible to send a mail to the vendor concerned with the details. This will enable the customer to strengthen the case, in case of a refund or return initiation of the product. Action needs to be taken in a timely manner and in most cases within 24 hours of acceptance of the product.